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Published on August 12, 2004 By huckdogg In Political Machine
I have had The Political Machine COMPLETELY freeze my computer several times since it was released. Most of the time, it freezes when trying to go into a multiplayer game. I will click the start button to start a multiplayer game, or when the game creator clicks start, their game will load, but mine just freezes. I have to restart the computer to get anything to work again. I have reinstalled the game, and the same thing happens. Here are my system specs:

Windows XP Home SP1
AMD Athlon XP
256 mb RAM
NVidia Geforce 420Go
VIA Sound Card

I must say that I can get TPM to run on my desktop computer and I LOVE it. Great job guys. If you need me to send any more information, email me and I will tell you anything you need. Thanks a lot guys, and great job!

on Aug 13, 2004
Can you please send the debug.err file to with a note on what is happening? Also if you could please go to Start->Run and then type dxdiag. When the new window comes up please save the information (button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen) and send that file as well. We will see what we can come up with.