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Published on September 22, 2004 By huckdogg In Monitors
This article may be a little below you or you may already know the wonders of having the Windows desktop stretched across two monitors, but if not, read on, because I know that you will want to hear this and try it for yourself. I also don't know why more sites haven't tackled the subject. I have never read anything on the subject of dual monitors until the past month, and I do like to think of myself as pretty computer savvy. Now, if you are reading this and have never tried to attach a second monitor to your Windows PC, then I highly recommend trying it if you have the know-how to open your PC case and install a video card. I just acquired an old 15 inch monitor from a computer setup that was headed for the great PC playground in the sky, and decided to bring the video card (an old S3 Trio64+) along, too. The Trio video card gave me a little trouble when Windows XP was trying to detect it and then when Windows tried to install the default driver. Eventually, I decided that the Trio card was a little too old for Windows XP and bought an ATI Rage II Mach64 off of Ebay for $5 including shipping. I am utterly astounded at how much time the extended desktop saves. I am able to have Internet Explorer open on one monitor and Word open on the other and copy and paste back and forth with ease. Or, as I am an avid gamer, have the Sims 2 or Doom 3 running on my main monitor and be able to keep track of my buddy list and CPU temperature on the second monitor. Windows XP makes the process very simple from the automatic detection of the video card (I would recommend the ATI Mach64 or a GeForce2, both of which can be bought off of ebay for less than $10 with shipping) to the setup process, which is described in the link provided with this article. If you happen to have a second monitor left over from an upgrade, or just need the extra screen real estate for your word processing, I highly recommend clearing off some extra space on your desk and setting up dual monitors. I hope you found this article informative and maybe it opened you eyes to a new possibility of which you had never heard. I was excited and amazed when I got it working.
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